Let's enjoy events! 

Our team takes care of your corporate image during events. Through photography and video, we tell, discreetly, the emotions lived by the participants.  Our aim's not to persuade you to choose us for your events with such astonishing slogan. We do facts. 


By using visual communication steady and clear, you can handle all the operations, step by step. From now to ever, photography and Video can be a real plus, and you will not be worried about them anymore, just enjoying the advantages that they will bring to you.

Discretion, elegance and privacy

We love to tell your event story, create mutual trust, and let you and your client feel sheltered, confident, with the deserved attention and privacy, without giving up of a complete and qualitative service.


Our video and photographic coverage are comprehensive of congresses, meetings, business dinners, travel incentives, conferences, private events, exhibitions, inaugurations, conventions, working on the European country.